Hot Girl Summer or City Girl Summer!

Do you ever wonder if this so called “true love” will ever make an emergence into your life? Well, you are certainly not alone, I mean God’s intention was not for man to be alone but to be two as one flesh 🤷‍♂️. There are of course many reasons for this… but that is another topic of its own.

So why is Dating so confusing in 2019? One day goes well but then another day doesn’t go so well. is so temperamental.

Past heart – break probably taught you not to place all your eggs in one basket. I mean you are HOT & fiery so why should you? Why allow someone who may not be your “true love” deter you from connecting to someone who possibly could be.

The above has been the motto for guys for years – (side note: the first time I learnt about this way of life was back in 2009– all the guys were doing it, even those who had girlfriends 😅 ).

So, its 2019 and a lot of girls have finally caught up and now incorporate this style of dating as part of a lifestyle. It is evident that the guys hate this but at the end of the day the era has changed and the faster they get with the programme the better. Long gone are the days were you think you can just keep a girl to the side and not expect her to do the same (now don’t get me wrong, I am very aware that there still remains some who have not caught up with the programme just yet and unfortunately remain stagnant waiting ⏲ on the sidelines for the guy to mature.

This year we had the ‘Hot/City Girl or Gyal (depending on the twang or emphasis used) Summer’. A lot of people jumped on the bandwagon and even developed their own personal definitions (of course some were seen to be wild). To many it is an expression of freedom without inhibitions or fear. The ability to learn how to be comfortable in who you are, be comfortable in your skin, be comfortable in your thoughts – simply you as your most authentic self.

One way many have explored their ‘Hot Girl or City Girl Summer’ (HGS or HCS) this year was through travel. Travelling is one of the most heightened liberating experiences one can encounter; not only because of the many possibilities available but because it provides a platform which allows you to reveal YOU free of fear of judgement and doubt.

Paradise 😍

Others explored their HGS or HCS through putting themselves out there, through online dating; saying NO to being a ‘home body’, being sexually free (by living their wildest dreams) or by participating in serial dating in order to figure out what they truly want in a partner.

The only issue with a HGS or a HCS is that it made dating even more confusing than before; so what does one do?

At the end of the day as much as a lot of us want to be free to explore, be adventurous, flirt and be playful – deep down we want that true mind, body and soul connection with someone special. The question is how does one find it?

Dolls & Gents – Stay Tuned & Keep An Eye Out For Part II!!


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