What Triggers You?

What triggers you when you take a glance in the mirror?

  • What triggers you within potential love connections?
  • What triggers you when you absorb social media?
  • What triggers you when you mingle with your soul tribe?
  • What triggers you when you engage with strangers?
  • What triggers you within your home environments?

How do we transcend beyond our personal triggers?  The biggest question is how do we become fearless, face our inner demons and release those triggers that play on our subconscious mind?

How do we heal, let go and move forward; without holding on to pain or to the fear that God will continue to place us in situations which will ignite triggers until they are carefully dealt with. One thing I have learnt over the years is that cycles will continue to repeat themselves until you open your eyes to see the toxicity and do something about it – both mentally and physically.

Triggers tend to start from childhood traumas (some small or some big) and if not dealt with at the time they will unfortunately reappear many times throughout adulthood.

Some become conscious of this early in adulthood and some late in adulthood. It took me until I turned 28 to discover mine – have you discovered yours yet?

What we do not grasp is the effect it has on our thoughts and behaviours. The biggest trigger some may be familiar to is anything that conflicts with questioning your worth. Acknowledging, accepting and agreeing that you are good enough to receive love always. In fact not just good but special enough!

Another one may be fear: I don’t know may be fear of abandonment, failure and rejection – did that just trigger you? Holding back and not speaking your truth or making boundaries clear – out of fear of abandonment or fear of dismissal (maybe both); not enjoying and living your present moments due to holding on to the past or even thinking about the future because of fear of failure and not being good or rich enough.

Living like this holds you back from living in your truth and from being in your freedom. For me it hinders me from my faith and knowing that God and my guardian angels have me always.

What does it hinder you from?

Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing; healing happens when you are triggered & you are able to move through the pain, the patterns and the story – walking your way into a different ending…

Though we are not perfect or living in an ideal world, we should aim to free ourselves of negative thoughts and manifest positivity only, even when we go through tower moments. These moments will aid in igniting and pushing for change or transformation….

..and the things we cannot change or control ; we should learn to accept it, let go and leave it to God. By doing this we can focus on stepping into our future in a childlike manner with an open heart. This will then allow us to expand beyond our limitations and into what we determine us joy and freedom…

Need some pointers to start your own spiritual journey:

  • make an effort to affirm only positivity;
  • make a subconscious effort to be free from negative thoughts; and
  • to actually live and feel your present moments.

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