Exploring Femininity

So as you do I went exploring one windy morning and came across the art of exploring your feminine energy to activate your truest manifestations. I wont lie I was sceptical at first but not doubtful (I know weird). As I explored deeper and deeper, I realised it was merely a journey (some may say spiritual) in activating the Inner Goddess within you. A journey in self -love, seeing and feeling your worth, self confidence, tapping into your inner secrets, not being afraid of your shadow self and finally being ‘YOU’ in your truest form without doubt of yourself and/or fear of other’s opinions.

I then thought to myself why be selfish and keep this information to myself … why not share with the world. Every female has the right to activate her Inner Goddess – in doing so it may aid in making the world a better place. Obviously in being realistic I am referring to your communities whether it be in the workplace, school, your place of worship, your soul tribes or even through social media.

The art of exploring your feminine energy is a grand one and justice cannot be provided in one post so I will supply what I discover through a series….

We will delve into all things feminine such as:

  • what is feminine energy;
  • why we must become self-sufficient & start investing in ourselves;
  • the distinction between masculine energy;
  • exploring the bright side of femininity verses the dark side;
  • how best to use feminine energy to attract the love in a partner you need and truly want; and
  • honing your Inner Goddess to enable you to manifest your heart desires.

This is a journey for me also so bear with me as we learn, do and collaborate together….


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