Random Candid Thoughts

How does one quantify happiness?

What determines true happiness …..is it subjective or objective?

Can the happiness you experienced as a little child be mimicked in adulthood?

As I sit in the park this sunny afternoon people watching; what catches my eyes are the primary school kids playing, chatting, laughing and running laps in circles around the park. Not only does it bring back fond memories but shows me some of the joy that I fear is lacking in my life. Oh how things have changed…sigh.

From holding hands with your bestie; finding the peer who is kind enough to lend you some change so that you can get your favourite from the ice cream van (mine used to be double cherry & mint with sprinkles or a 99 with nuts depending on my mood lol); trying to keep up with the other kids; showing off your best moves in an attempt to get your favourite teacher’s approval; or that moment when the clumsy kid falls and everyone turns into altruistic superhero in their attempts to heal the one who falls.

Is it possible to activate your inner-child so that one can experience that peace again? If so someone please share the secret…many hearts seek to know….


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